Affordable Housing Strategies for Seattle

1 Feb 2015 | posted in: Press | 0

Housing affordability is one of the toughest challenges that Seattle and other cities in the region are currently facing. It threatens everything that makes the Puget Sound region a great place to live — our diversity, our openness, our culture, our environment and our economic competitiveness.


Seattle’s affordable housing explained

15 Dec 2014 | posted in: Press | 0
By Josh Cohen

Seattle is the fastest-growing city in America, with over 1,000 new residents joining us each month. These days, the city skyline is defined as much by construction cranes as it is by the Space Needle. The population boom has brought with it a surge in housing costs; Seattle is now the #1 city for rising median rent.


Tax real estate development? Seattle city councilman makes his case

14 Oct 2014 | posted in: City Hall, Press | 0
By Marc Stiles

Talk about a tough audience.

On Thursday, Mike O’Brien, the chairman of a Seattle City Council committee that’s looking at taxing real estate development to fund affordable housing, sat in front of 400 people, many of them developers, to explain why they might soon have to pay a “linkage fee.” New residential, office or retail development in high-growth areas could be required to pay money into a fund to build affordable units.


Seattle: The Land Supply Forgot

8 Oct 2014 | posted in: Press | 0
By Roger Valdez

If Jonathan Swift were alive and writing satire about American culture and politics, he might devote at least a chapter to Seattle’s latest public debate over housing. Perhaps in Swift’s story would be about an adventurer, like Gulliver, seeking new and strange lands washing up on an island where people genuinely believed adding costs to expensive things makes them cheaper, building more housing makes rents go up, and taxing new housing is the best way to lower rents.