Our research

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The Coalition for Housing Solutions has commissioned research to investigate and understand the level of need and potential success of affordable housing solutions currently under consideration. We will use our results to share quantifiable recommendations to help the City of Seattle meet future housing needs through fair, comprehensive processes and policies. Our findings will be published at this website as they become available.

Roadmap to 20k


This Roadmap (PDF) shows one of the many ways we can get to the Mayor’s goal of 20,000 income restricted units in 10 years.

Graphic on Tax Revenue from Construction


A graphic detailing some of the finding from the Fiscal Impact Analysis put together by Gardner Economics. Download the full graphic here (PDF, 1.7mb)

Report On Tax Revenue from New Construction


This Fiscal Economic Impact Analysis (PDF, 464kb) by Gardner Economic details the tax revenue received by the City of Seattle from new construction.

Housing Tax Burden Distribution


A Graphic (pdf) on how the proposed linkage fees would put a greater burden on renters.

Graphic On Affordable Housing


This Affordable Housing Graphic (pdf) details the funding that goes into the production of affordable housing.

Summary: Market-Rate Housing Policy Suggestions


Actions the City of Seattle can take to promote more market rate housing and meet the Mayor’s goal of 30,000 units in 10 years. This ECONW Solutions Chart summarizes the … READ MORE

Report on Seattle Housing Affordability


Prepared by ECONorthwest for the Coalition for Housing Solutions. The report: Affordable Housing Policy and Strategies substantiates that our proposed solutions can attain the goal of 50,000 units put forth … READ MORE

Summary: Affordable Housing Policy Suggestions


Actions the City of Seattle can take to address affordable housing. This ECONW Solutions Chart summarizes the quantified policies evaluated by ECONorthwest in their report.